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LT Museum Depot - Statfold Barn - Severn Valley - Private Steam Railway - Paris

LT Museum Depot

Line up of tube and Q Stock

Line up of Tube and Q Stock, LT Museum Depot, 29 November

A visit was made by 12 MDRS members to the London Transport Museum's Depot at Acton on 29 November. This houses many of the museum's larger artifacts, including underground stock. This view is a line up of the museum's operational train of 1938 tube stock, Standard and Q stock trains under restoration, and a single unit of 1983 tube stock.

(Tim Edmonds)
Q23 Stock Driving Motor Interior

Interior of Q23 Stock Driving Motor, LT Museum Depot, 29 November

A view of the interior of the Q23 Driving Motor

(Tim Edmonds)
1938 Tube Stock

1938 Tube Stock, LT Museum Depot, 29 November

A close up view of the 1938 tube stock train, which has been seen on many special workings on the underground system in recent years.

(Mike Hyde)
Sarah Siddons

Metropolitan Railway No. 12 "Sarah Siddons", LT Museum Depot, 29 November

By good fortune, on the day of our visit, ex Metropolitan Railway electric locomotive No. 12 "Sarah Siddons," recently restored to working order by Metronet, was in the depot.

(Tim Speechley)
Metropolitan Railway Milk Van

Metropolitan Railway Milk Van, LT Museum Depot, 29 November

Just behind "Sarah Siddons" was the ex Metropolitan Railway milk van, which was housed in the main London Transport Museum at Covent Garden until the recent refurbishment.

(Tim Edmonds)
Line up of Buses

Line up of Buses, LT Museum Depot, 29 November

As well as items of railway equipment, the depot houses a large number of motor buses from the early 1900s until recent times, a wide range are seen here, including Routemasters, a RT , a Breakdown Tender and various Green Line vehicles. The bus nearest the camera is AEC Renown LT1076, which was restored after being used as a summer house near High Wycombe and won many awards on the 2005 Historic Vehicle London-Brighton run.

(Tim Edmonds)
RF and Trams

RF and Tramcars, LT Museum Depot, 29 November

MDRS members stand next to a RF Single Decker while viewing the pair of electric tramcars, a Feltham and an E type, formerly housed in Covent Garden.

(Tim Speechley)
K2 Trolleybus

K2 Trolleybus, LT Museum Depot, 29 November

There are two trolleybuses housed in the Depot, including this Leyland K2 Class dating from 1939.

(Mike Walker)
E type and Feltham

E type and Feltham Tramcars, LT Museum Depot, 29 November

A close up view of the two tramcars.

(Mike Walker)
Historic Maps

Historic Maps, LT Museum Depot, 29 November

The Depot has a large collection of signs and other LT memorabilia, including maps and diagrams of the underground system dating from the early 1900s. Also of interest is the Metropolitan Railway station sign for Shoreditch on the East London Line (recently closed) as the diamond is light green rather than the more normal red. Presumably due to the Southern Railway having running rights over the line at some point.

(Tim Speechley)
MDRS members in artwork store

MDRS Members in Artwork Store, LT Museum Depot, 29 November

We were very fortunate in that our guided tour included the chance to see parts of the collection not normally accessible to the public. One of these was the collection of original artwork which London Transport used in its publicity.

(Tim Edmonds)

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Statfold Barn Private Railway

Harrogate No. 1 and Sragi No. 1

"Harrogate No. 1" and "Sargi No. 1" On Shed, Statfold Barn, 20 September

MDRS members were invited to a railway enthusiasts open day at Statfold Barn on 20 September. The site has a dual gauge main line of 2 feet and 2 feet 6 inches of about a mile in length known as the Field Line, plus a 2ft gauge circuit round the owner's garden and a short length of standard gauge track. Here 0-6-0ST "Harrogate No. 1" and 0-6-0T "Sragi No. 1," making her debut after restoration, are on shed whilst MDRS chairman Tim Speechley is seen with camera.

(Tim Edmonds)

"Isibutu," Statfold Barn, 20 September

4-4-0T Bagnall "Isibutu" built in 1945 and originally used in the sugar industry in Natal, South Africa. She was purchased by Graham Lee in 2007 and moved to Statfold from the North Gloucestershire Narrow Gauge Railway at Toddington.

(Tim Edmonds)
Howard on the Garden Railway

"Howard" on the Garden Railway, Statfold Barn, 20 September

Built on site to a Kerr Stuart Wren design 0-4-0T "Howard" is seen passing the ornamental lake on the garden railway.

(Tim Edmonds)
Stanhope Hauling Oil Seed  

"Stanhope" Hauling Oil Seed Hoppers, Statfold Barn, 20 September

Visiting Kerr Stuart 0-4-2ST "Stanhope" from the West Lancashire Light Railway hauls oil seed hoppers. These are used to transport grain to the Oils Plant which is on site.

(Tim Edmonds)
Jerry M and Statfold leaving Oak Tree Halt

"Jerry M" and "Statfold" leaving Oak Tree Halt, Statfold Barn, 20 September

Resident 0-4-0ST "Statfold," built on site in 2005, and Hunslet 2-4-0ST "Jerry M" visiting from Hollycombe Steam Museum double head a passenger train from Oak Tree Halt.

(Tim Edmonds)
Stanhope and Trangkil No. 4 approach dual gauge switch

"Stanhope" and "Trangkil No. 4" approach dual gauge switch, Statfold Barn, 20 September

0-4-2ST "Trangkil No. 4" and "Stanhope" approach the 2ft gauge switch on the balloon loop at the far end of the line.

(Tim Edmonds)
Sragi No. 1  
hauls a freight train on Balloon Loop

"Sragi No. 1" hauls a freight train on Balloon Loop, Statfold Barn, 20 September

"Sragi No. 1" hauls a mixed freight train round the balloon loop.

(Tim Edmonds)
 Pakis Baru No. 1

"Pakis Baru No. 1," Statfold Barn, 20 September

With a Posy adoring her smokebox door, Orenstein & Koppel 0-4-0T "Pakis Baru No. 1" rounds the field line.

(Tim Edmonds)
Jatibarang No. 9, Ceper No. 5 and Hudson Hunslet

"Jatibarang No. 9," "Ceper Baru No. 5" and Hudson Hunslet, Statfold Barn, 20 September

Mallet 0-4-4-0Ts "Jatibarang No.9" and "Ceper Baru No.5" await restoration in the shed adjacent to Oak Tree Halt alongside a Hudson Hunslet diesel locomotive.

(Tim Edmonds)
No. 5 passes Welsh Highland Hunslet No. 5

"Pakis Baru No. 5" passes Welsh Highland Hunslet No. 5, Statfold Barn, 20 September

Mallet 0-4-4-0T "Pakis Baru No.5" hauls oil seed hoppers on the main line whilst ex Welsh Highland Railway Hunslet 0-4-0DM No. 5 sits on the spur to the Garden Railway.

(Tim Edmonds)
Trangkil No. 4

"Trangkil No. 4," Statfold Barn, 20 September

0-4-2T "Trangkil No. 4" hauls a passenger train of two ex Bredgar & Wormshill Railway coaches up the gradient towards Oak Tree Halt. In the background can be seen one of the many traction engines that were in steam.

(Tim Edmonds)
Sragi No. 1 on Passenger Train

Sragi No. 1 on Passenger Train, Statfold Barn, 20 September

"Sragi No. 1" enters Statfold Station with a passenger train with MDRS secretary Malcolm Margetts riding on the vestibule of the leading coach.

(Mike Hyde)
Standard Gauge  

Standard Gauge Display, Statfold Barn, 20 September

A line up of standard gauge locomotives including 0-4-0ST Peckett "FD&E No. 3" (in steam), diesel shunter CEGB No. 24 and 0-4-0 Crane Tank "Glenfield" awaiting restoration.

(Tim Edmonds)
Statfold Station

Statfold Station, Statfold Barn, 20 September

"Sargi No. 1" stands in Statfold Station, while a group of MDRS members look on.

(Mike Hyde)
Stanhope Derailed

"Stanhope" Derailed, Statfold Barn, 20 September

A slight mishap occurred towards the end of the day when "Stanhope" derailed at the throat of the main station, fortunately this was quickly rectified and service was resumed.

(Tim Edmonds)

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Severn Valley Railway

Chiltern Clubman

Chiltern Railways Class 168 "Clubman" DMU, Birmingham Moor Street, 10 August

On Sunday 10 August 12 MDRS members took part in an outing to the Severn Valley Railway, which has been recently been reopened after flood damage to the permanent way. As there are good rail links it was decided to travel up by train. The first leg from High Wycombe to Birmingham Moor Street being on a Chiltern Railways Class 168 "Clubman" unit.

(Tim Speechley)

4965 "Rood Ashton Hall" departing with the Shakespeare Express, Birmingham Moor Street, 10 August

By chance our Chiltern service arrived in Moor Street just as 4965 "Rood Ashton Hall" was preparing to depart with the Shakespeare Express to Stratford Upon Avon. So there was a quick dash to the platform end to get some shots.

(Mike Walker)
Moor St

Birmingham Moor Street Concourse, 10 August

MDRS members enjoy a refreshment break on the superbly restored concourse at Moor Street whilst waiting for the onward train to Kidderminster.

(Mike Walker)

GWR Churchward 2-8-0 2885, Birmingham Moor Street, 10 August

On static display at Moor Street was GWR 2-8-0 2885, owned by the GWR Preservation Group.

(Mike Walker)

London Midland Class 150, Birmingham Moor Street, 10 August

Members board a Class 150 London Midland unit for our onward journey

(Mike Walker)

GWR 4-6-0 7802 "Bradley Manor", Kidderminster Town, 10 August

7802 "Bradley Manor" stands in Kidderminster Town station awaiting to depart with the 12:45 service to Bridgnorth. The majority of the MDRS party travelled on this train as far as Highley where a visit was paid to the fantastic new engine house.

(Mike Walker)

Midland Compound 1000 inside the Engine House, Highley, 10 August

The Engine House adjacent to Highley station has some excellent displays on the history of railways along with a number of locomotives, including Midland Compound 1000 which is on loan from the National Railway Museum.

(Mike Walker)

46443 Passing The Engine House, 10 August

BR 2-6-0 Ivatt Class 2MT 46443 passes the Engine House whilst on Footplate Experience Duty.

(Mike Walker)
4566 at Highley

Prairie 4566 arrives at Highley, 10 August

4566 draws into Highley during a downpour with the SVR's beautifully restored rake of LNER Gresley teaks.

(Tim Speechley)
4566 at Bridgnorth

4566 at Bridgnorth, 10 August

4566 is seen in better weather resting between duties in Bridgnorth yard

(Mike Walker)
5164 at Bridgnorth

5164 at Bridgnorth, 10 August

Large Prairie 5164 enjoys a day off.

(Mike Walker)

Visiting Dukedog 9017 "Earl of Berkeley" at Bridgnorth, 10 August

Dukedog 9017 "Earl of Berkeley" visiting from the Bluebell Railway is seen outside Bridgnorth shed.

(Tim Speechley)
45110 at Kidderminster

Black 5 45110 at Kidderminster Town, 10 August

Almost exactly 40 years (bar one day) since she brought the curtain down on BR steam by working the first and last legs of the 15 Guinea Special, 45110 basks in the sunshine at Kidderminster Town.

(Tim Speechley)

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Private Steam Railway Near Windsor

Sir Vincent

Sir Vincent, Private Steam Railway Near Windsor, 18 July

A group of MDRS members made an evening visit to a private steam railway based near Windsor on 18 July which consisted of a few hundred yards of standard gauge track. Aveling & Porter 0-4-0WT "Sir Vincent" is seen being steamed outside the shed on our arrival. Unfortunately this locomotive suffered a injector failure and was unable to run.

(Tim Edmonds)

Hornpipe, Private Steam Railway Near Windsor, 18 July

Our host is seeing addressing the MDRS party in the shed alongside Peckett 0-4-0ST "Hornpipe," which also suffered an injector failure earlier in the afternoon, when both locomotives had passed their boiler examinations. Also visible are some of the headboards and station signs which our host has in his collection.

(Tim Edmonds)

Finnish Broad Gauge Pacific 1016, Private Steam Railway Near Windsor, 18 July

Our host also showed us the 5 foot gauge Finnish pacific 1016, which he hopes to steam in not so distant future on a short length of broad gauge track.

(Tim Edmonds)

Trakrat, Private Steam Railway Near Windsor, 18 July

Although both standard gauge steam locomotives were out of action, MDRS members were given two rides up the line on a this diesel powered "Trakrat." This is seen the second trip (with MDRS chairman Tim Speechley standing). Shortly after this it also failed, leaving the railway with no serviceable motive power.

(Tim Edmonds)

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Paris In The Spring


Thalys at Gare de Nord, Paris, 10 May

A group of members travelled on Eurostar from the new St Pancras International station to Paris for the day. There was no formal itinerary, but the group split into sub-groups who explored the Metro system, some of the main-line stations, and a few tourist sights as well. Arrival was at the Gare du Nord, a busy international terminus with plenty of interest, such as Thalys units 4332, 4533 and 4305. These trains are used used for the Paris - Brussels - Amsterdam route - mainly SNCB (Belgian) owned, but some are thought to be SNCF.

(Mike Walker)
Gare de l'Est

Gare de l'Est, Paris, 10 May

The Gare de l'Est is close to the Gare du Nord, but has a very different character with less hustle. The laid-back atmosphere is reflected in the sculpture over the main street entrance.

(Tim Edmonds)
72100 at Gare de l'Est

SNCF 72100 class at Gare de l'Est, Paris, 10 May

Seen at the Gare de l'Est, CC 72100 class loco 172179 had "This locomotive cares for your environment" plastered along its sides. Unfortunately it was also emitting some particularly noxious diesel fumes!

(Mike Walker)
Sybic Sybic at Gare d'Austerlitz, Paris, 10 May

1479 "Sybic" (SYnchronous motors-BI-Current 1500vDC/25kV AC) 26053 awaits departure from Paris Gare d'Austerlitz.

(Tim Speechley)
Gare d'Austerlitz Gare d'Austerlitz, Paris, 10 May

Inside Gare d'Austerlitz, 1500v DC BB9200 9257 (built in 1959) and dual voltage BB22200 22364 (from the early '80's) rest between duties.

(Tim Speechley)
272 at Gare de Lyon

272 at Gare de Lyon, Paris, 10 May

SNCF 272 basks in the afternoon sun with a double-deck set at the Gare de Lyon.

(Mike Walker)
Front Ends

SNCF Electric Locomotive Front Ends, Paris, 10 May

A contrast in BB electric front ends at the Gare de Lyon, where 26055 brings in a train past earlier generation 88511.

(Mike Walker)
TGVs at Gare de Lyon TGV Line Up at Gare de Lyon, Paris, 10 May

Varied TGV front ends at Gare de Lyon.

(Tim Speechley)
Gare D'Orsay

Gare D'Orsay, Paris, 10 May

The magnificent Gare D'Orsay on the left bank of the Seine was built as a main line terminus and opened for the Paris Exposition Universelle (World Fair) in 1900. Its platforms proved too short for long-distance trains, which were withdrawn in 1939. Suburban services and the station hotel lingered on until final closure in 1973 In 1977 an imaginative scheme to convert the station into an art gallery was proposed. Opened in 1986, it houses mainly French art including a major collection of impressionist masterpieces.

(Tim Edmonds)
Suburban Trains at St. Lazare Suburban Trains at St. Lazare, Paris, 10 May

MDRS members watch late afternoon push-pull suburban trains at Gare St.Lazare.

(Tim Speechley)
Montmartre Funicular

Montmarte Funicular, Paris, 10 May

The Montmartre Funicular is a short standard gauge line up to the viewpoint just below the Sacré Cœur basilica and is operated by RATP. It was first opened in 1900 using water power, but was converted to electricity in 1935 and completely rebuilt by Akros in 1990-1. The track distance is 108 metres and there is a vertical rise of 36 metres. The two cars are operated independently, which means that a service can still be run when one side is under maintenance, which was the case on our visit.

(Tim Edmonds)
Front Ends

La Chapelle, Paris, 10 May

La Chapelle station is situated on an elevated section of Metro line 2 which crosses the throat of both the Gare du Nord and the Gare de l'Est. Here a train is crossing the approaches to the Gare du Nord on arrival at the station.

(Mike Walker)
Passy Viaduct

Passy Viaduct, Paris, 10 May

Much of Metro line 6 is elevated. Here two trains pass on Passy Viaduct, beneath the Eiffel Tower.

(Tim Edmonds)

Bir-Hakeim, Paris, 10 May

Metro line 6 is one of the lines worked on the pneumatic tyre system, which can be seen on this train arriving at Bir-Hakeim station with a train for Charles de Gaulle Étoile.

(Tim Edmonds)
3 Eurostars

Eurostar Line Up, Paris, 10 May

This impressive line up of Eurostars at the Gare du Nord is somewhat unusual. 3008 on the left is British owned, 3105 in the middle is Belgian whilst 3220 on the right is French. It was to be 3220 that formed train 9059, the 20.13 to St Pancras, that was the MDRS group's train home.

(Mike Walker)

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